Ensuring that your apartment complex remains safe and secure is crucial –– which is why regularly rekeying locks should be a priority. This will help protect your building by ensuring only those with the correct key can access it.

Additionally, rekeying locks with each new tenant will provide extra security and peace of mind. Here are some common places you should consider rekeying locks in your apartment complex.

Front Door Lock

The front door lock is the first line of defense for any property and should be rekeyed whenever a new tenant moves in or out. This will ensure that only the right key is used to access the building and will prevent any unauthorized individuals from entering the apartment.

It is also a good idea to check on this lock every month or so, as wear and tear could potentially compromise its effectiveness over time. This door is often in constant use, so keeping an eye on it is essential for safety and security.

Mailbox Locks

Your mailbox lock is another area that may need attention when it comes to rekeying. As mailboxes are often shared between multiple tenants, it is important that each person has their own unique key for their box so they don't accidentally open someone else's mail. Rekeying the locks on your mailboxes will help prevent unwanted access and ensure all tenants have their own secure space.

It's also best practice to change out mailbox locks when an old tenant leaves and a new one moves in, just as an added layer of security. This way, the new tenant can be sure that their mail is safe and that only they can access it.

Laundry Room Lock

Rekeying the laundry room lock should be done more often than other locks around the apartment complex, as this room often contains expensive equipment, such as washers and dryers, that could be vulnerable if left unprotected. The laundry room is also a place where many tenants congregate, so it's important to ensure that only those with the right key can access it.

To rekey this lock, a commercial locksmith will first need to remove all existing locks, then install new ones with different keys. This will ensure that only those with the correct key can enter the room, giving tenants a greater sense of security.

Securing your apartment complex requires regularly rekeying certain types of locks around the premises. Making sure these areas are properly protected will help protect both tenants and property owners alike from potential intruders or accidents due to unauthorized access. Be sure to check these commonly used locks frequently for maximum security at all times.