Did someone accidentally lock themselves inside a bedroom or bathroom in your house? Maybe they tried turning the key too fast or fiddled with the doorknob too much and it's jammed? Maybe that person is even you and you are now searching for ways to get yourself out of this situation. If you have a jammed or stuck lock inside your house, here are some tips that might get you out of your current situation.

Get a Screwdriver and Remove the Knob Completely

Regardless of whether you are the person locked in or the person on the other side, hopefully, you can find a screwdriver somewhere and use it to disassemble the doorknob completely. This will allow the door to be opened so you can then take the lock to a locksmith to get it professionally removed without causing damage to the knob or the door itself.

If You Have the Tools, Remove the Door Hinges Completely

If disassembling and removing the entire door knob is not an option, your next option might be to remove the door hinges. You will again need a screwdriver and a lot of patience. If you have a door pin remover or you can buy one, this will make the process much easier. If this sounds like too much work, contact a locksmith for assistance.

Use a Credit Card If You Have a Spring Lock

If your door is a spring lock, you might be able to work the lock open with a card out of your wallet. Slide the card in between the appropriate area and try to turn the lock as much as you can to make more room for the card. With a little wiggling, you might be able to position the credit card just right so it can be turned within the lock in order to spring it open all the way and open the door.

Contact a Locksmith If Needed

If you are trapped inside a locked room due to a jammed lock or doorknob, try and contact a family member if you can or use tools you have around the house to try and get the lock unjammed and the door open. Failing all of that, contact a local professional locksmith and you may be able to get the lock unjammed, the door open, and move on with your life without any significant property damage to your house. The locksmith may be able to oil the lock or take a look at whatever the issue was that caused the problem so it won't happen again in the future.

For more information, contact a locksmith near you.