A front door is a common entry point that an intruder will likely use when breaking into a home. It is, therefore, very important to upgrade and enhance the security of your front door. By doing so, you limit the chances of a successful burglary or home invasion. That said, you want to review your door's security before deciding on a suitable method to enhance it. Here are some tips you can use to reinforce the security of your front door.

Install or Replace Your Deadbolt Strike Plate

A deadbolt strike plate is a heavy-duty metal plate secured or attached to a doorjamb to reinforce it. It has holes to receive the door's deadbolts. The vertical sector of your doorframe is what is referred to as the doorjamb. Using a strong deadbolt strike reduces the risk of a successful burglary by making it harder for an intruder to kick in the door.

Rekey Your Locks

Rekeying means keeping the previous door lock but switching to using a new set of keys. After rekeying, the old key cannot access the lock. Rekeying increases your security, especially after moving homes or apartments or after misplacing your keys. The last thing you want is someone finding your key and accessing your home without your knowledge. 

Install Smart Locks or Special Locks

Smart locks are electromechanical locking devices that open wirelessly when approved by the authorized owner or user. You can control smart locks using your phone, allowing you remote control, making it difficult for a break-in to succeed. If you misplace keys often or forget to lock your doors, a smart lock is a perfect fit for you.

Repair or Replace Your Door Hinges

After consistent use, door hinges tend to wear out, making it easy to kick the door in. While they may not completely prevent a break-in, strong door hinges will reinforce the door, making it harder for the intruder. Therefore, it is important to repair weak hinges before it's too late. If the hinges are beyond repair, replacing them with new ones is the best option.

Front door security is a necessity in every home. When looking to increase your front door security, ensure that you also secure every other entry to your home. Perhaps a good rule of thumb is hiring a locksmith to install good locks on your windows and considering security doors for added security on your primary doors. Installing peepholes and a camera on your front door can also help to reinforce your home security.