Conventional keyed door locks are common in many households and businesses. These locks are popular because they're inexpensive and easy to install. For properties with multiple entry points, tracking keys can be cumbersome. Lost keys, changing locks, and creating duplicate keys are some challenges you stand to face when using traditional keyed door locks.

Here are some locksmith solutions for simplifying key management.

Smart Locks

These locks can work in apartments and also in commercial buildings. With this solution, there's no need to have numerous keys or to create duplicate keys. You don't have to worry about keys getting lost or stolen.

Smart locks provide numerous benefits for homeowners. These locks are managed remotely using a smartphone through an application. This gives you the ability to allow or deny access to your doors. These locks can also alert you when someone accesses your property. This is an important feature if an unexpected visitor stops by your home or business.

Master Key System

A master key system is ideal for businesses that have different rooms. With this system, some keys can open a number of doors depending on the authority level. Therefore, only certain management personnel have access to specific rooms. This system helps you limit the number of keys that are circulated among your employees. This is an important security feature.

Master key systems are also affordable solutions, which makes them ideal for limited budgets. If there's a security breach like a stolen or lost key, this issue can be corrected easily. This is because low-level keys can only be used on a limited number of entry points. Therefore, only the affected locks will need to be rekeyed instead of the whole system.

Keyless Entry

Another locksmith key management solution is the keyless entry system. This system replaces a mechanical key and uses a remote control based on radio waves that communicate with a receiver unit. It may also be in the form of keypads and access cards. For example, to gain entry, an individual may be required to put a code in to a keypad or use an access card. Some systems use biometric technology for advanced security.

Apart from relieving you of the stress of handling keys, a keyless system allows property owners to manipulate access restrictions for users. These systems can also provide real-time traffic reports to help you track employees in your organization or movement in your home.

Due to the numerous keyless entry solutions, you should first determine your security needs, budget, and the features you want before choosing a keyless entry system. Contact a locksmith in your area to learn more.