When you think of a locksmith, you may only be thinking of using one to help get you into your home or vehicle if you find yourself locked out. However, there are many different areas where they can help you that you may not have thought of.

Vehicle Key Duplication

Have a complicated key to your vehicle that you need to be duplicated? This is not something you need to go to your auto dealership to handle for you. Locksmiths are capable of ordering and programming those specialized keys for vehicles, and can often be more affordable than what a car dealership will charge you to perform the exact same service. 

Residential Services

There are plenty of services that relate to your home that a locksmith can help with. It starts with simple things like rekeying your locks so that all the doors use the same key but can include installing a more complex lock system that involves smart locks, keypads, and things of that nature. In terms of security, locksmiths can help make your home more secure by installing strike plates to prevent people from breaking into your home, and door guards to prevent small children from opening doors and going outside when they are not supposed to.

Commercial Services

Anything related to a commercial door can be handled by a locksmith. This includes installing a soft door closer so that doors do not slam, and push bars to open doors by pushing against them. If you need a sophisticated access control system to give and revoke employee access to a building, that can be done as well. This includes the installation of keyfob systems, fingerprint readers, and the magnetic locking mechanism required to open and lock the door. 

Surveillance System Installation

Need security cameras installed in your home or office? This is another job that can actually be performed by a locksmith. It includes the entire installation process, from wiring and mounting cameras to setting up a monitoring system. Need to record a continuous feed to capture someone breaking into your business, or the ability to view the cameras from your phone so that you can see what is happening in real-time? A locksmith can handle that for you. 

Safe Services

A good safe also needs to be properly installed so that it can be removed from your home or business. Once installed, you may also need services related to the safe, such as changing the combination or key used to open the safe.