Do you own a vehicle that requires a transponder key to activate the ignition? If so, you may have been told at the dealership that if you lose or damage your keys, you will need to replace them. This is because transponder keys have special chips in them. They can protect you against car theft. The issue is that these keys are often on the pricier side. This is why it is ideal to demand two keys at the time you pick up your vehicle. Some car lots might charge an extra fee for a spare key, but it does not hurt to make an inquiry. Another issue you could face is your transponder key may not work and you may need to get a replacement transponder. This will depend on the type of transponder key you have.

Not Responding

This can occur due to a transponder having program issues. Fortunately, these keys can be programmed if they need to be for some reason. Some transponder keys are older, and the chips are located inside of the keys. However, in newer vehicles, the transponders will probably have buttons for operation. These buttons can be programmed by vehicle owners, but the process is tedious and techy, A locksmith will have the resources to check your keys and determine whether the key can be fixed. If your key requires batteries, that could be the issue, which is why batteries should be the first thing that you check. 

Damaged Chip

Transponder keys are sensitive due to the chips that are inside of this. You should use care when you handle your keys to avoid damages. This means that you should try to avoid dropping your keys or slamming them on hard surfaces. Also, avoid exposing them to liquids and saturating them in liquids. Avoid sanitary issues by not allowing pets or well-meaning babies to gnaw on your keys. If you determine that your transponder's chip is damaged and you require a new key be made, give it to a locksmith for ethical reasons. The key might still work in your doors and trunk, which could put it at risk of being stolen from.

A locksmith is a good resource to use to determine what to expect if your transponder key stops working or gets damaged or lost. You also do not have to replace the key at your dealership. Many locksmiths can replace or make repairs to transponder keys. This is important because you may need an emergency key made during hours that the typical dealership is closed. You can look for companies like The Lock Shop.