When using your keys to either exit or enter your home, most people spend extra energy trying not to misplace their keys. However, when in a hurry you may not only misplace your keys but you may also end up breaking your key in the lock. When your key breaks inside of the lock this is difficult to remove without the help of a locksmith or a door repair service. It can take an extended period of time to get your lock and door fixed. Therefore, it is important to take preventive steps to ensure that this does not happen. Luckily, there are a few tips that can help you do this.

Replace Your Keys Periodically

Keys endure normal wear and tear the same way that your car or teeth do. Over time, the constant wear and tear will eventually weaken your keys. When you find yourself in a hurry, you may end up snapping the weakened key as you lock the door. In order to prevent this, you should replace your keys periodically. This does not mean that you have to replace your keys on a monthly basis. Instead, plan to replace your keys every few years. This will allow you to start off with new keys that do not have the same amount of stress as your old keys.

Keep Your Lock Lubricated

People often do not think about lubricating their locks the same way that they would lubricate their garage doors. For the most part, new locks in your home perform well without any additional lubrication. However, the older your locks are the more thoroughly they should be maintained. This involves adding lubricant to the lock a few times a year. The lubricant makes it easy for the key to slide into the hole and unlock your door without snagging onto anything. Without the lubricant, the key makes direct contact with the interior of the lock. This not only weakens the key but can also damage the interior of the lock. You can purchase a standard lock lubricant from your local home improvement store. When applying the lubricant more is not always better. Too much lubricant can damage the lock.

If you have never experienced your key breaking off inside of the lock, then these recommendations may not seem like a big deal. However, trying to remedy the situation can quickly become frustrating. Therefore, use these tips to make sure that prevent this from happening. For more information, visit websites like http://ndsecuritycompany.com.