One of the most useful safety and security devices that you can install in your place of business are exit devices. These devices typically consist of a bar that allows you to easily open a door at all times simply by pushing on the bar. Listed below are just a few of the reasons to consider installing exit devices in your place for business.

Reduces Panic In An Emergency

One of the most important reasons to install an exit device is to allow your employees and customers to easily get out of the building in the event of an emergency, such as a fire. If your doors are a bit more difficult than necessary to open, it can cause people to panic. However, an exit device is intended to be easily opened by simply pushing in the exit bar on the door, which can facilitate a rapid exit from the building and reduce panic.

Increases Business Security

Another reason to utilize an exit device is in order to limit access to the facility from unauthorized individuals. For example, most doors with exit devices installed on them are designed to be locked from the outside only, which means that employees and customers can leave by them at any time, but those doors cannot be used to enter the facility. This will limit the access points to the business, which makes it much harder for someone to sneak into the facility or place of business unobserved.

Lowers Insurance Rates

Finally, installing exit devices throughout your office or facility is a great way to lower your insurance rates. The reason for this is that an insurance company is often willing to offer their clients discounts if those clients install components or features that reduce the chances of a claim being filed that the insurance company has to pay. Basically, since you are potentially saving the insurance company money, the insurance company will often be willing to extend some of those savings to you. 

In the case of exit devices, you are restricting access to unauthorized personnel, which lowers the chances of you filing a claim due to someone stealing from your business or vandalizing it. You are also reducing the chances of you having to file a claim because customers or employees were hurt due to being unable to easily exit the building during an emergency situation.

Contact a local locksmith like one from Johnny Locksmith today in order to discuss how an exit device can benefit your business and the many models and types that are available. Exit devices can reduce panic, increase security, and make your commercial insurance more affordable.