Wall safes offer a great way to protect and secure your valuables. Keeping the location of your safe a secret will help to keep the safe and your home secure from would-be thieves. But rather than hide your wall safe behind a conspicuous piece of artwork like people do in movies, you should find a unique place to hide your safe. Here are some unique ways to keep your safe hidden from sight to prevent thieves from finding it.

Behind A Breaker Box

Thieves aren't likely to check your circuit breaker box while committing a robbery. Consider placing your wall safe in a laundry or utility room wall. Hide the safe behind a false breaker box door, which will help to camouflage the safe. The location of the breaker box in the laundry room or utility room will look natural and won't arouse suspicion, leaving your items neatly tucked away behind the wall.

Behind The Refrigerator

Consider placing your safe in the wall behind your refrigerator. The appliance slides out relatively easily whenever you want to access the contents in your safe, and the unsuspecting thief won't know to look in this area of your home. You can also apply this same concept to the wall behind your microwave if your refrigerator is too big to move.

In Your Child's Play Area

Children's toys and clothes aren't the best targets for the attention of thieves. Consider putting the safe behind a poster or picture in a child's bedroom or play room to keep the safe discreetly hidden from sight. If the child's closet is large enough, hide it behind the clothing in this area. You can also place the safe in the floor beneath a colorful rug in the room.

Behind The Medicine Cabinet

While some potential thieves might look in your medicine cabinet for jewelry, prescription medications or other small valuables, they probably won't think to look behind it. Place the safe in the wall behind your medicine cabinet for a covert hiding place. You can apply this same concept to your linen closet, but be sure that whichever shelf the safe is behind is always filled with towels or other items. This will help to conceal the safe from sight.

Hiding your valuables in your home prevents thieves from being able to take irreplaceable heirlooms and personal items. Work with someone like Anytime Lock & Safe to create the best hiding place for your safe, which will help keep robbers away from your items.