It is never fun to be locked out of your vehicle, but throw in the factors of it being late at night or being in an unfamiliar place and there is no question that you will get a little fearful for your own safety. When you place a call for an emergency 24-hour locksmith for help, they will do what they can to get to you and your vehicle as quickly as possible. However, it is a good idea to know what to do to keep yourself safe while you wait for help to arrive. 

1. Stay in a well -it area. 

Most businesses keep some lights on throughout the night. Therefore, if you get locked out of your car in a dim and dark parking area, head to the front of a store or place of business where there is light. 

2. Go inside a public place of business if possible. 

If it is late at night, your choices of places of businesses where you can hang out may be limited, but in a lot of locations you can at the least find a 24-hour gas station or even a bar that has a few people around. In unsafe predicaments, there is always strength in numbers, so even if a place is closed and there are a few cars or people still around, stay in that area. 

3. Don't make yourself appear vulnerable and alone. 

Instead of pacing around near your car, waiting on the locksmith to arrive, looking like a sitting duck, make yourself look a bit less vulnerable. Get on your phone, call up a friend to wait with you, or even grab a pen and paper out of your purse and try to look busy. If you look less like you need help and more like you have it all together, it will be less likely that someone up to no good takes notice. 

4. Keep someone on the phone with you. 

Your cell phone can be your lifeline in any emergency situation, but if you are locked out of your vehicle late at night, keeping an open line of communication is always a good idea. Perpetrators will be less likely to try something if you are in the phone and just having someone to talk to will help you feel less afraid.  

5. Leave your car if you feel you should.

If you are in a bad part of town or feel really afraid or threatened by your surroundings, it is perfectly fine to leave your car where it is and have a friend or family member pick you up. The locksmith can let you know when they arrive by giving you a call. It is much better to wait safely than to give anything bad a chance to happen.