Your garage keeps the contents of your garage private, protects your tools from the elements, gives you a proper space for carpentry and gives you a place to park your vehicle so it's out of the elements. However, your garage can also be a big target for thieves. Garages are separate from the house which provides criminals with an added sense of security. For this reason, you want to make sure you take steps to secure your garage door so it's more difficult for a criminal to get through. This article will offer you tips for securing it correctly.

Securing a manual garage door

If you have a garage door that you have to manually open, then you should make sure you have a lock on each side of the garage. While this may seem like a bit much, it helps protect the garage because it doesn't give the thieves a weak side to try to get through.

Securing a garage door with an automatic opener

If you have a garage door that opens automatically, then you need to secure it in a certain way. Automatic garage doors have emergency levers located near the top of the garage. Some thieves have become so good at using a wire to break into these that they can get into the garage in as little as 6 seconds. You can prevent this by putting a zip tie through the hole of the emergency lever and connecting it around the track.

Make sure your windows aren't a security risk

Some garage doors can have fairly large windows in them. In fact, they can be large enough that a thin person would fit through them. For this reason, it's important to make sure the windows are securely in place and you may want to consider having decorative bars placed over them as well.

Cover the garage with a security camera

Consider having a security system installed to protect your entire home and make sure one of the cameras covers your garage. This way, you can keep a constant eye on your garage and will know right away if someone is attempting to break into it.

Have a locksmith install good locks on other entrance doors

If there is another door to your garage that accesses the outside, then you should have a locksmith, like those at Irvine Lock & Key and other locations, come out and install a deadbolt on that door. A deadbolt will make it much more difficult for someone to break into the garage.

By making these changes to your garage door you can decrease the chances that you will suffer a break-in. This helps you to feel safer when you lock your house up for the night and anytime you leave for a good period of time.