If you suffer from severe arthritis in your hands and have problems holding and using car keys, speak to a locksmith about installing a keyless digital touch keypad on your car. A keyless digital touch keypad is a unique electronic locking system that fits vehicles of all makes and models. You simply input your security code into the keypad, which automatically unlocks the car's doors. Here's how a keyless digital touch keypad works.

What's a Keyless Digital Touch Keypad?

A keyless digital touch keypad locking system is similar to the electronic keypads placed on car doors. But instead of placing the touch keypad on your driver's side door, a locksmith installs it behind your windshield or side glass. The windshield or glass protects the keypad from intruders and bad weather.

The keyless digital keypad is a new concept in car security. The system features an advanced computer system that memorizes and stores your unique security pin number, which you can change at anytime. You only need to use one finger to key in the pin number, which alleviates stress on the joints of your hand and wrist.

Depending on the brand of keyless system you purchase, you may have the option of connecting it to your cell or tablet. But this is something you want to discuss with a locksmith when you contact them.

What Else Can You Do to Unlock Your Car Safely?

If your locksmith doesn't offer the keyless digital touch keypad yet, consider using a keyless system that relies on your cell phone or tablet to open. This type of keyless system uses special apps to open and lock all types of applications, including cars. To keep the systems secure, you create a unique pin only you know about. 

Many of the keyless systems that use apps require you to create online accounts when you first purchase them. You can access your account to change your password, add new features to your system and experience many other benefits.

One of the things may want to do when you first create your account online is use a secure desktop computer or laptop. Your phone or tablet may not have the security protocols and firewalls to prevent theft of your passwords and account information. Once you create your account, you can use your device safely to lock and unlock your vehicle, because it's connected to the car through a secure network.

For more information about keyless car locks, contact a locksmith, such as ARC Locksmith Service