Protecting your home from a thief or intruder requires a commitment to home security. For the new year, why not commit to making improvements in this area. Here are just some of the ways you can enhance security. 

Multi-Code Alarm System

Older systems are designed to operate with a single master code. Modern technology allows for alarm systems with multiple code acceptance. You can create an admin code for full functionality, a user code for arming and disarming only and a guest code that can only be used to activate or deactivate the system a preset number of times. If you have babysitters, contractors or other outsiders in your home frequently, this can be a good safety measure.

Install A Safe

A safe isn't just a valuable asset for the wealthy. Anyone who owns something of value can benefit from a safe. A safe can be used to store jewelry, cash and important documents like your social security cards and banking information. When choosing a safe, look for a cemented option so that it cannot be removed. You also want to ensure it is flood, fire and disaster proof to ensure the contents are protected no matter the condition of the elements outside it.

Update Your Locks

A worn or damaged lock is not an effective home security measure. If you have had the same locks installed for a long time, it's a great time to consider an update. Modern locking systems don't just include keyed entry, but they also support access codes and biometric recognition for locking and unlocking the door. You can also upgrade to a smart lock that allows you to control the lock from your mobile device when you are away from home. Relying on this electronic technology can help lower your concerns in the event you misplace your key.

Be Smart Online

If you or your children use social media on a regular occasion, make sure you are stressing the importance of safe online practices. Revealing too much about where you are and when you're going can give thieves more than enough information to plan an attack on your home. While you can use privacy settings to limit who can view your posts on these accounts, the more effective tool is to limit what you say. It's also a good idea to prevent posting photographs that can help a thief create a layout of your home.

If you are looking to improve your home security for the new year, make a visit with a locksmith (such as one from Yearsley's Service LTD) your first step.